Our mission is to foster community empowerment by providing education, resources, programs, and a safe place for people of all ages to connect.

We are a neighbourhood landmark and work to provide continuity and stability in the North Point Douglas.


Sisters Initiating Steps
Towards a Renewed Society

SISTARS started with the idea that the local women could make a difference to alleviate poverty in their neighbourhood. Starting with kitchen-table conversations, the original members identified poverty, lack of child care, lack of access to education and training, housing and food security challenges as common experiences shared by many people in Point Douglas.

These conversations led the creation of SISTARS, a non-profit, volunteer organization that owns and operates 99 Euclid Ave in North Point Douglas. Our program Eagle Wing Early Education Centre provides educational opportunities through financial support and practicum positions as well as secure employment. In addition, the heritage building Barber House (which is over 100 years old) is provided to community groups at low-cost rent. SISTARS works to provide a safe, inclusive and accessible neighbourhood place that supports community development and supports opportunities for intergenerational learning.

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